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Sl.No. Name of the Officer Work Allocation
1 Smt. Rajalakshmi Devaraj, IDAS, Additional DGFT Zonal Head of DGFT for the South Zone
Head of Regional Authority - Chennai DGFT

2 Shri.Vishwas B.N,ITS, Jt.DGFT Policy –FTP & HBP
Chapter 3–Districts as Export Hub & Export promotion.-Co-
ordination& over all in-charge. In-charge of NiryatBandhu Scheme.
Chapter4 – All Duty Exemption & Remission schemes -Advance
Authorization, DFIA, etc. – Issue, EOMonitoring,
Adjudication&all post adjudication /recovery work. Any
Residual work of all Old Chapter 4 schemes.
Chapter 5 - EPCG Issue, E.OMonitoring, Adjudication &all post
adjudication /recovery work.
Chapter 7 -Deemed Exports. Also in-charge of Audit/ RMS for
Chapter 7 (Para 7.10)
Chapter 8- Quality Complaints &Trade Disputes/ CQCTD.
Amnesty Scheme-2023- for both Chapter – 5 EPCG and Chapter – 4
Advance Authorization, etc,
Residual work of all the old Chapter –3 schemes including Target
plus, IEIS, SFIS, SEIS, ROSCTL/ ROSL etc.Residual work of TMA –old chapter 7A
ECA Section– All residual post adjudication & recovery work,
already referred to ECA till March, 2023, /Legacy cases. NCLT cases.
All Records/Record Rooms- Digitalization of records, Outsourcing of records.
Computer & systems cell- All IT systems, online accounts, website,
Local Administrator for Back Office Portal, LEMIS, legacy data,
servers & systems, online interview through VC,etc
Litigation and old CBI cases. Official Language- Hindi. Audit –Co-ordination.
MIS &Annual Action Plan. Standing Grievance Committee (Para 11.08 of HBP).
Co-ordination with various EPCs & Trade bodies, State Govt.,
Customs, GST, SEZ, DGTR etc., on export promotion and FTP issues.
3 Ms.F.D.Initha, CSS, Jt.DGFT Zonal Level Establishment (Non-Gazetted)&Zonal Vigilance (South Zone).
Administration issues pertaining to Head of RAs referred to the Zonal Office.
Administration I, Administration II & Budget of Zonal office, Chennai; Administration –Audit & Court cases
Chapter 1 -Status House Certificate (SHC)
Chapter2-IEC, AU, Registrations certificates, COO, EU-REX, FSC,
and any other certification/registration, etc .Any reference w.r.t to SCOMET (Chapter 10)
Chapter 9– E-Commerce Export Hubs, Promoting Digital
Economy.Any references/issue w.r.t to Chapter 6–EOU/SEZ/UAC, etc
REIC –Nodal officer
ECA- References from outside agencies; Inspection/Verification of firms;
Computer cell- Website, Local Administrator for Back Office Portal, e-office.
CPGRAMS& Complaints.Parliament Questions
R&I, PRO, Display hall etc; Extension Counter at Puducherry,
VIP visits/meetings –Co-ordination with state government, other departments, agencies, etc.
General Co-ordination –for all RA level Administration
issues&Establishment issues of the South Zone.
First Appellate Authority for RTI
4 Shri.K.Hrushikesh Reddy,ITS, Dy.DGFT Amnesty Scheme Section: All work pertaining to the DGFT's Amnesty Scheme (2023) for both Chapter-5-EPCG
and Chapter-4-Advance Authorisation. He will also be the Nodal Officer for the Amnesty Scheme in the RA.
Chapter-5 EPCG Issue (A-Z) Chapter-3 MEIS, SEIS, Status House Certificate; Residual work of
old Chapter 3 Schemes. Chapter-2 - IEC, FSC, RC, AU,COO, EU-REX etc, and any other
Certificate / registration, chapter-7 - TED / DBK, Chapter 7A - TMA Chapter 8 - CQCTD, Policy
Litigation and OLd CBI cases, Niryat bandhu (coordination), Export Promotion Work.
All Records, Digitalization of records. In charge of R&I and PRO, NIC, IT and Back Office
Portal, Website, Official Language Section, MIS-co-ordination, Standing Grievance Committee
Coordinating. CPGRAMS, Coordinating with Customs Audit, in-charge of Extenstion Counter at
Pondicherry. In-charge of Annual Action Plan. Nodal Officer for transmission of data to CEIB. Member of Internal Audit Team (RMS) for Chapter 7 cases (para 7.10 (b) of FTP)
Nodal CPIO and CPIO for all the above, all FTP schemes, ECA, Litigation, Export
Promotion-DEH/NB, Records, etc (except Administration I, II, Establishment & vigilance).
5 Shri.K. Thalapathy Ram Kumar,ITS, Asst.DGFT Chapter -4 - All duty exemption & duty remission schemes - (AA/DFIA) etc. - Issue
and EOM - EO Monitoring, Adjudication and all post adjudication work & recovery work.
Residual work of All old Chapter - 4 schemes, like DEPB etc.
Administration - II: All GEM procurements / AMCs / Contracts, IT related procurement and
Minor works ( He will work along with FTDO - KB). All Budget Work.
Chapter 2 - COO/EU-REX (till further orders). Chapter 3 - District Export Hub and
Export Promotion Work - over all co-ordination. Chapter - 7 Deemed Exports.
Chapter 8 - Quality Complaints & Trade Disputes / CQCTD. Chapter 9 - E-Commerce
Export Hubs & Promotion of digital Economy. Residual work of all previous Chapter 3 schemes
including Target Plus, IEIS, SFIS, ROSCTL / ROSL etc. Member of Interal Audit team / RMS
for Deemed Exports (para 7.10) Member of Inernal Audit Teacm for AA. State Export Policy -
TN and Pondicherry. Co-ordination with various EPCs & Trade Bodies, State Govt., Customs,
GST Cell, DGTR etc., on Export Promotion and FTP issues.
6 Smt.Dhiya R, ITS, Asst.DGFT On Training

7 Shri. Hassan Usaid, ITS, Asst.DGFT Chapter - 3 District Export Hub and Export Promotion Work
Chapter - 5 EPCG - Issue & EOM -EO Monitoring, Adjudication and
and all Post-Adjudication work & recovery work. (Alphabets A-M).
Chapter 2 - COO / EU REX (link officer). TMA Scheme - Residual work
of old Chapter 7 A - TMA, Niryat Bandhu Scheme, Policy - FTP & HBP
Audit - Over all co-ordination. Digitalization of records, out sourcing
of records. Parliament Questions: Co-ordination. Any reference w.r.t to
Chapter 6 - EOU / SEZ issues, UAC meetings, etc. ECA (Recoveris) - All
demands to be completed before handling over to Shri.K.Angels Easwaran.
8 Shri. Johnson D, FTDO Chapter 5 - EPCG Issue - (Alphabets N to Z) EPCG EOM - E.O
Monitoring, adjudication and all post adjudicaiton &
recovery work (Alphabets N to Z)
9 Shri. R.Kumar, FTDO Administration-I: All administration & service matters of the Officers & staff of the
Zonal office including attendance, Pension, Retirement etc; Posting and work allocation
of Gazetted Officers and Non-Gazetted Officials within the Zonal Office; Recuruitment
Management, Consultants and Young Professionals - work allotment, leave, tours etc.
Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) & cash in-charge. All co-ordinaion work & reports
pertaining to Administration of RA Chennai: Administration Audit, Court cases
Internal Training. APARs / SPARROW for Officers & staff in RA, Chennai.
Heads of RAs (SZ)-Maintenance of Service Books, SPARROW role definition & any administration
issues like leave, temporary additional charge, etc referred to the Zonal Computer & Systems cell:
IT systems, website, Local Administration for Back Office Portal, e-office, online accounts
Chennai & former RA Puducherry. Litigation & Old CBI cases. CRM- Co-ordination.
MIS - co-ordination. ECA - Appeals (for appeals, Mr.Kumar will submit files directly
to Zonal Additional DGFT & the Appellate Authority) CPIO for all Administration-I,
Administration-II, Establishment and Vigilance matters.
10 Shri. K. Venkataramanan, FTDO Vigilance (South Zone), Establishment - (South Zone)
Recruitment, Compassionate appointment, Seniority list,
Promotions, Posting / transfers, MACP, FR 56 (J) review
of Non-Gazetted officials within the South Zone. APARs
maintenance / SPARROW for Group B & all Non-Gazetted staff
in the Southern zone. All Zonal level (South zone) reports
and Co-ordination.
11 Shri. J.Gowri Sankar, FTDO Chapter 2 - IEC, Issue of FSC, RC,AU and other certificates/
registrations (except COO / EU REX) Any reference w.r.t
Chapter 10 - SCOMET. In-charge of the Extension Counter in
Pondicherry and all legacy administration issues of Former
RA Puducherry
12 Shri K. Angels Easwaran,FTDO ECA Section - Enforcement, references from other agencies, state Governments,
CM Cell, etc co-ordination with CEIB. Inspection / Verification of firms.
All post-adjudication work & recovery work for cases already referred to the
ECA section till March, 2023 & any legacy other issues / cases in ECA.
All records and record rooms - including the records of former RA, Pondicherry
all old chapter 3 files, IEC records in the 'A' Wing. NCLT cases co-ordination
Public Relation Officer, Issue of ID Cards, R & I Section, Display Hall, etc.
Chapter 1 Issue of Status Holder Certificate (SHC).
13 Shri.S.Sivagnanam, FTDO Chapter 4 - All duty exemption & duty remission schemes - (AA / DFIA, etc) - Issue`
& EOM - E.O Monitoring, Adjudication and all post adjudication work & recovery work
(Alphabets A-Z). Residual work of all old chapter 4 schemes like DEPB, etc.
Official Language Hindi
Note: *JDGFT (BNV) will issue the internal work allocation among Officers for Chapter 3 - DEH & EP
All the above Officers will also attend to any work relating to Audit, Litigaiton, Parliament Questions, Grievance, CPGRAMS,
RTI,MIS, etc. and will submit all inputs / reports called for in connection with their allotted work
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