Work Allocation

Sl.No. Name of the Officer Work Allocation
1 Smt. Shakuntala Naik, Dy.DGFT Admin-I & II, IEC, Budget & Accounts, ECA, SHC / Residual work of SHIS, AU
SCOMET, Old Chapter-3 Schemes - FMS, FPS, MLFPS, VKGUY, All Certificates, Computer Cell,
Old CBI Cases, MIS, Parliament Question, Niryat Bandhu (Co-ord), CPGRAMS-Grievances,
Contact[at]DGFT, Filed Work of DOC and CPIO for all the above
2 Shri.Varun Mehar Singh, Dy.DGFT Advance Authorisation-(Norms, No-Norms (EOM-I),DFIA, Gem and Jewellery),MEIS,
SEIS, Residual work of SFIS, DEPB, Weekly Open House, GST Cell, Policy, Contact[at]DGFT,
work related to CPIO

3 Shri.J. Muralidharan, Dy.DGFT EPCG , Deemed Exports, Residual work of Target Plus, IEIS, SHIS, Litigation, Audit
Records, CQCTD, Grievance, REIC, Contact[at]DGFT, Niryat Bandhu (Co-ord), and CPIO for all the above
4 Smt.Suganya K, Asst.DGFT MEIS, Old Chapter-3 Schemes - FMS, FPS, MLFPS, VKGUY,RTI Nodal Officer,REIC EU-REX,
GST Field work of DOC, Niryat Bandhu, work related to CPIO
5 Shri. K. Hrushikesh Reddy, ADGFT on Leave

6 Shri. Satya Rajasekhar, Asst.DGFT Admin-I and Residuary work related to Admin, Advance Authorisation (EOM-I) CQCTD,
Grievance Committee, Computer Cell, REIC, Niryat Bandhu, Field work of DOC and
Work related to CPIO
7 Shri. S.Sundararaman, Asst.DGFT All Licensing work related to Puducherry Office and Work related
8 - Hindi, RTI - CPIO (Co-ord.)

9 Dr.Chandrasekar K, AD(Stat.,) Admin-II, MIS, Housekeeping, Stationary Purchasing & Disposal, Work related to CPWD, CPGRAMS- Grievances,
Data & Other Data analytics, Parliament Questions, Field work of DOC, Old DD revalidation
and CPIO work for the respective section.
10 Smt. A. Vaijayanthimala, FTDO EOM-II-EPCG (Monitoring), Deemed Exports, Audit, Residual work of TPS, IEIS and
CPIO work for the respective section.
11 Shri.M.Ravichandran, FTDO PRO, R & I in-charge of the Scrutiny Section

12 Shri.N.Sundaramoorthy, FTDO IEC, SHC, Residual work of SFIS, ECA, SHIS, AU, All Certificates, All SIT cases,
All certificates, Litigation, Old CBI cases, Residual work of DEPB & Records
SEIS, CPIO work for the respective section.
13 Smt.V.Nalini, FTDO Issue Section (Authorisation - Chaper - IV and V)
14 Smt.S. Japa Kumari, FTDO DDO work and Cash, Pension Papers, Pay Fixation, Admin Audit, Leave Records of
Gazetted / Non Gazetted staffs, Admin Records (Digitilisation) and CPIO
work for the respective section.