Work Allocation

Sl.No. Name of the Officer Work Allocation
1 Smt. Shakuntala Naik, Dy.DGFT Admin-I & II, IEC, Budget & Accounts, ECA, SHC / Residual work of SHIS, AU
SCOMET, Old Chapter-3 Schemes - FMS, FPS, MLFPS, VKGUY, All Certificates, Computer Cell,
Old CBI Cases, MIS, Parliament Question, Niryat Bandhu (Co-ord), CPGRAMS-Grievances,
Contact@DGFT, Filed Work of DOC and CPIO for all the above
2 Shri.Varun Mehar Singh, Dy.DGFT Advance Authorisation-(Norms, No-Norms,DFIA, Gem and Jewellery),MEIS,
SEIS, Residual work of SFIS, DEPB, Weekly Open House, GST Cell, Policy, Contact@DGFT, and
CPIO for all the above

3 Shri.J. Muralidharan, Dy.DGFT EPCG , Deemed Exports, Residual work of Target Plus, IEIS, SHIS, Litigation, Audit
Records, CQCTD, Grievance, REIC, Contact@DGFT, Niryat Bandhu (Co-ord), and CPIO for all the above
4 Smt.Jaya V Nair, Asst.DGFT EOM-I-Advance Authorisation- Norms & No-Norms, DFIA, Gem and Jewellery
(Monitoring) and Policy.
5 Smt.Suganya K, Asst.DGFT Admin-I, DDO, Budget and Accounts, Cash, Deemed Exports, Residual work of Old
Chapter-3 Schemes - FMS, FPS, MLFPS, VKGUY, Field work of DOC and Niryat Bandhu.
6 Shri. K. Hrushikesh Reddy, ADGFT MEIS, REIC, CQCTD, EU-REX, Grievance Committee, EU-REX,GST and GST Cell
7 Shri. Satya Rajasekhar, Asst.DGFT Admin II, SEIS, Residual work of SFIS, Computer Cell, ECA, Niryat Bandhu Coord.
CPIO for all Admin & Accounts Issues and Field work of DOC (Co-ord.)
8 Smt. T.S. Bhuvaneswary, AD (OL) Hindi, RTI - CPIO (Co-ord.)

9 Shri.Chandrasekar K, AD(Stat.,) MIS, Parliament & Questions, CPGRAMS-Grievances, In-Charge of Stores, all stock and
assets of the Office, Field work of DOC, Old DD revalidaiton and DGCEIS - Data and ther data
10 Smt. A. Vaijayanthimala, FTDO EOM-II-EPCG (Monitoring) Audit, Residual work of TPS and IEIS

11 Shri.M.Ravichandran, FTDO PRO, R & I in-charge of the Scrutiny Section

12 Shri.N.Sundaramoorthy, FTDO IEC, SHC, Residual work of SHIS, AU, All Certificates, All SIT cases,
All certificates, Litigation, Old CBI cases, Residual work of DEPB & Records
13 Smt.V.Nalini, FTDO Issue Section (Authorisation - Chaper - IV and V