TRADE NOTICE NO. 3   DT.  

All Importers & Exporters are informed that a website has been launched by this office for booking on line appointment with the senior officers. With the help of this website Importers and Exporters can fix appointment with the officers on online and also view the status of their application status for the licences (DES,DEPB) & IEC.

All Importers and Exporters are requested to avail this facility.

Website address:

The following are officer’s e-mail address:

Shri R. Buhril, I.A.S, Additional Export Commissioner & ZJDGFT

for matters related to this office and to the entire southern zone

Shri C. V. Nirmalarajan, JDG
Shri M. Gopinath, JDG
Shri R. Muthuraj, Dy.DDG
Shri R. Paramasivam, Dy DDG
Shri D. Gajapathy, Dy DDG

While seeking interviews, you may also give a brief facts about the File No, Lic No & date etc for enabling the offices to attend to such cases.