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Work Allocation

Name of the Officer


Work Allocation

Dr.R.Sampath Kumar, Dy.DGFT Advance Authorisation - Norms and No Norms, DFIA, Gem and Jewellery (Issue and Monitoring), CQCTD, Grievance Committee, REIC, Residual work of DEPB, MEIS, SEIS, Old Chapter-III shcemes, Deemed Exports, Residual work of SHIS and Target Plus, IEIS, Policy, Litigation and Audit.

2 Shri.J. Muralidharan, Asst.DGFT

Advance Authorisation-No Norms, DFIA, Gem & Jewellery: Issue & Monitoring (from AM-14 onwards), Litigation, Old CBI Cases, Deemed Exports,EPCG - Monitoring (All cases till AM 2008), Audit, Records, Target Plus, Niryat Bandhu.

3 Shri. K. Hrushikesh Reddy, ADGFT EPCG - Issue & Monitoring (from AM 2009 onwards), REIC, CQCTD, Grievance committee, Niryat Bandhu.

Shri. Satya Rajasekhar, ADGFT

Advance Authorisation - Norms - Issue and Monitoring (from AM 14 onwards), IEC,ECA, Niryat Bandhu - Coord, Admin-II & R & I, Computer Cell.

Shri. Chandrakanth Reddy Mallu, ADGFT

On Training
6 Smt.Jaya V Nair IEC


Shri.D. Rama Krishna, FTDO AU, All Certificates, SHC, Residual work of SHIS, IEIS, Old Chapter 3: FMS, FPS, VKGUY, MLFPS.

8 Shri.N.Sundaramoorthy, FTDO Advance Authorisation - Norms, No Norms, DFIA, Gem and Jewellery: Monitoring (All cases till AM-13), Old DEPB cases and All SIT cases

9 Smt.V.P. Shenbagam, FTDO MEIS, SFIS & SEIS

10 Shri.P.B.Rangarajan, AD (Stat) Admin-I, Budget and Accounts, DDO, MIS, Parliament Question , CPIO for all Admin issues.
11 Smt.T.S. Bhuvaneswary AD(OL) Hindi, RTI - CPIO (Coord, IEC)